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“Even with how divided our nation is these days, I don't think it's a controversial statement to say that funk music is just flat-out awesome. The loose, soulful blend of crisp, clean guitar, thumping slap-bass and swaggering horn sections gave us some of the best music of the '70s, and the pop world is certainly poorer for the dilution of funk into synth-pop and contemporary R&B at the end of the 20th century. Still, funk has never gone away entirely; even today, there are bands like Dangus Kong who call back to '70s-era greats like Stevie Wonder and George Clinton. The SLC-based collective might be steeped in classic funk and R&B, but they bring plenty of their own flavors to the table, too, adding psychedelic, blues, and jam-band influences, as well as plenty of jazzy complexity (several members have studied jazz at the University of Utah). They also clearly understand the importance of a quality live show for any good funk group, kicking out lively originals like “True Desire”, “Snickelfritz” and “Sophisticated Lady” as well as covers of tunes like "Redbone" and "Superstition" and ensuring the audience is engaged for all of it.” -City Weekly 





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